Golf Apparel and Accessories Reviews

Golf Apparel and Accessories Buying Considerations

One of the most important but often neglected aspects of playing golf is its apparel. Getting the right one can sometimes be overwhelming. Because, it’s not always easy to make the right choice, especially if you’re not particularly experienced in this sport. Figuring out what works best takes time but there are a few things to speed things up. Of course, one of them is to listen to reviews of other golfers, to learn more about performance, comfort, and other aspects of golf apparel. These reviews can help you a lot, and in this article, we will give you a few advice on how to approach them, to get the best possible insight.

Reviews Considerations

When seeking reviews on golf apparel and accessories, it is imperative to employ a discerning approach by exploring a variety of reliable sources. Reputable publications and websites that specialise in golf gear reviews are excellent starting points. These platforms often conduct thorough testing and analysis, offering comprehensive insights into the performance, durability, and overall value of different products. Of course, there are things like magazines, online publications, or even review websites – there, you can find opinions on various pieces of golf equipment. The only thing to keep in mind is to stick with renowned and trusted sources.

Things don’t end there. There are many more places where you can find information about certain apparel. First of all, there is the customer feedback. Check e-commerce platforms, like Amazon, Golf Galaxy etc. Scroll down and see what’s in the comments – are users happy with their purchase, or is there some common complaint? Also, you can learn more about the comfort and durability of the clothes because first hand feedback is usually the best. Still, make sure to take these with a bit of reserve because, after all, we are still talking about personal opinions, which can vary a lot.

Then, there are the good old forums, and these focused on golfing offer all kinds of discussions. That is a fantastic source of insights, where golfers often share their experience with various golf equipment, including clothes and accessories. Here are our recommendations for the best golf forums:

  • Golf WRX
  • Golf Forum
  • My Golf Spy
  • Hackers Paradise Forum
  • Reddit Golf

All in all, there are many useful sources of information around there. Expert reviews, customer feedback, and community discussions – all these can help you create a well-rounded understanding and help you make informed decisions.

Golf Apparel

Of course, the most common thing people seek is insights from those who have experienced certain golf apparel firsthand. We are talking about things like shirts, pants, shoes, etc. All these things are much more than just about appearance. Golfers appreciate their comfort, fit, performance and similar things, such as moisture wicking materials etc. All this info can come directly from the first hand.

Shoes are important in particular, and things go way beyond simple comfort. Things that matter are grip, and stability, because of all the challenges that come on the golf course. Therefore, a great way to get insight is to check the aforementioned sources and learn more about their features. 

All in all, golf apparel reviews offer valuable insights into various aspects, especially when it comes to the practical side of this equipment. In that way, golfers can make way more informed decisions and find pieces of equipment that perfectly fit their needs.

Golf Apparel

Common Review Points for Golf Apparel:

  • Moisture-Wicking: Users discuss how well the apparel keeps them dry during play.
  • Fit and Comfort: Reviews often mention the fit and overall comfort of shirts, pants, and shoes.
  • Grip and Stability: Golfers share their experiences with the traction provided by golf shoes.
  • Durability: Users may comment on how well the apparel holds up over time and repeated use.

Golf Shoes

We are now talking about probably the most important aspect of golfer’s gear. Therefore, all kinds of reviews play a significant role in helping golfers find the right ones. Reading reviews is crucial, especially when golfers want to learn more about grip and stability which are, along with comfort, the most important aspects of a golf shoe. Spiked and spikeless options are common, and reviews often discuss which type works better for different playing conditions. Golfers appreciate shoes that help them maintain a solid stance while taking shots on various terrains. 

When it comes to comfort, golfers read reviews to find out more about cushioning and support. They are looking for shoes that can keep their feet comfortable throughout a round. Because, you know how it is on the golf course, with all those long walks and the time one golf session usually takes. So, what reviews usually highlight are the fit of the shoes, as well as whether they accommodate specific foot shapes. All this is necessary when seeking shoes that perform well on the course, both in terms of stability and overall comfort.

Common Review Points for Golf Shoes:

  • Grip and Traction: How well the shoes keep golfers stable and provide traction on the grass.
  • Comfort and Cushioning: Reviews often discuss the overall comfort, cushioning, and support of the shoes.
  • Sizing and Fit: Golfers may comment on whether the shoes run true to size and how well they accommodate different foot shapes.
  • Durability: Users may share their experiences regarding how well the shoes hold up over time and repeated use.

Golf Gloves

Nothing less important are the gloves, which are essential for a good swing. This piece of golf clothes is responsible for the excellent grip, but comfort is also vastly important. So, reviews are there to provide the necessary information, starting from the fit. Golfers want to know if gloves fit perfectly, without being too tight or too loose. Because only the right fit can ensure maximum control over the club and give you a chance to execute a perfect swing.

For that reason, the material is also the key point of reviews. Of course, leather gloves are the most popular and if you want to know the reason, it’s mainly because of the feel they provide. On the other hand, synthetic materials are more durable and more resistant to moisture and other factors, so pickup between these two comes down to personal preferences which are, once again, shaped through all kinds of reviews.

Golf Gloves

Common Review Points for Golf Gloves:

  • Fit: Accessory reviews often discuss how well the gloves fit and if they provide a snug yet comfortable grip.
  • Material: Golfers may highlight their preferences for leather or synthetic materials based on factors like durability and moisture resistance.
  • Sizing Accuracy: Users might comment on whether the gloves run true to size or if adjustments are needed.
  • Performance in Different Conditions: Reviews often touch upon how well the gloves perform in various weather conditions and during extended play.

Golf Bags

Bags are one of the necessary conditions of a proper golf experience. They have so many purposes, starting from the fact that they are where you store all your clubs. Then comes balls and other equipment. And, reviews are there to help with our choice, as there are many things to consider. For example, there is the matter of size and weight. Some players like the ease of movement and, therefore, prefer the light ones. Others, however, prefer bigger and heavier ones, as they carry more equipment. Reviews are here to help you with this. 

But size itself is not the most important thing. It’s the organisation within the golf bag. Bags can come with all kinds of dividers for clubs, for example. Then, there are the pockets, which also come in various numbers and sizes, which also come down to preferences. Finally, reviews are the best way to find out about the actual quality and durability of the product. Because, don’t forget that bags have to withstand all kinds of outside factors, including moisture and all kinds of weather conditions.

Common Review Points for Golf Bags:

  • Size and Weight: Reviews often discuss whether the bag strikes the right balance between size and weight for walking or riding on the course.
  • Dividers: Users may comment on the effectiveness of club dividers in keeping clubs organised and preventing damage.
  • Pockets and Storage: Golfers appreciate bags with enough pockets to store balls, tees, valuables, and other accessories.
  • Durability: Reviews often touch upon how well the bag holds up over time and in various weather conditions.

Golf Accessories

Finally, there are the accessories. More or less important for the overall performance, they are important for every player, because of their impact on the overall experience on the course. Once again, reviews play a significant role, by giving valuable insights into their different aspects, including practicality and usefulness. Rangefinders are one of the most common pieces of equipment, which help golfers determine the actual distance to the target. And, reviews can tell us more about their ease of use, accuracy and other features. Then there are pieces of accessories like GPS watches, smartphone apps and other things that help us navigate the course.

Also, don’t forget the essential gear for rain and other weather conditions. Sunglasses for sun protection, jackets for wind protection, umbrellas for rain etc. Reviews give us insight into their effectiveness. Training accessories are also important, as they help us refine our skills. Swing trainers, putting mats, and similar tools – reviews help us pick the right ones.

Common Review Points for Golf Accessories:

  • Rangefinders: Accessory reviews discuss ease of use, accuracy, and additional features like slope adjustment.
  • GPS Watches and Apps: Users may comment on how well these alternatives provide yardage information during rounds.
  • Umbrellas and Rain Gear: Reviews often highlight the durability and water-resistant properties of these accessories.
  • Training Aids: Golfers share insights into the effectiveness of swing trainers, putting mats, and other tools for skill improvement.


After all this, it’s easy to realise the importance of reviews. Thanks to them, we can navigate the vast world of golf apparel and accessories much easier. They help us make the right pick, whether it’s about shoes, pants, shirts, or other pieces of clothing. They help us pick the right bag, the one that will meet our needs the best. Then, there are the accessories. Reviews are there to show us not just functional aspects of these items, but also to help us pick ones that meet our preferences in the best possible way. All that wisdom from reviewers from around the world can significantly improve our experience on the course, no matter the item we are looking for.