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  • Fintech industry calls for regulatory change to help struggling consumers

    There are all these different ways that we put stuff in the cloud, because that’s the way it makes sense. This will be that too…. [But] the mechanics of it have to be transparent to the user. It can’t be that you need to be an review film expert to have your own Pod.” Is […]

  • How Top Swimmers Can Go Faster: It’s All in the Fingers

    The best way for competitive swimmers to hold their fingers is to spread them slightly apart so they rake the water, a new study finds. In the hunt for the technique that could bring the fastest freestyle swimming, previous research hinted that swimmers could improve their efficiency by spreading their fingers apart, but much remained […]

  • Good Sports: Longer Lives Linked

    Many types of exercise are linked to a lower risk of premature death, but activities like racquet sports, swimming and aerobics seem best at improving people’s chances of staving off an early demise, according to a new study. Researchers found that people in the study who regularly played racquet sports had a 47 percent lower […]

  • Why ER Doctors Want to Banish the Term ‘Dry Drowning’

    “Dry drowning” tends to come up in the summer, as it did this June, after a young boy in Texas died several days after swimming and his parents were told it was because of dry drowning. But terms such as “dry drowning,” “delayed drowning” and “secondary drowning” are all incorrect, and can cause unnecessary alarm, […]

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