The Major Key Factors That Made Global Sevilla A Worthy Pick Of Preschool Jakarta Timur

The Major Key Factors That Made Global Sevilla A Worthy Pick Of Preschool Jakarta Timur

Global Sevilla school does not take it lightly for students’ education. From a young age, the school has put a lot of measures that compile varying aspects of its education. It includes curriculum, earning ideas, focus, and approaches. No wonder, Global Sevilla preschool Jakarta Timur deserves its attention and position. If you are looking for high-quality education, this school is what you need. 

International Curriculum Make The School Has Professional Education

Professional education in Global Sevilla comes from its ability to integrate IEYC as the main curriculum at the preschool and kindergarten level. IEYC is a world-renowned curriculum, which focuses on and is made to assess students’ development. It is a pretty flexible syllabus, but also has many highlights that help the school tailor or make the most appropriate education for children. 

One of the highlights of the curriculum is its ability in providing more fun, attractive, and natural education pinpointing students’ curiosity. The curriculum understands that students or children are different from each other. It indicates they never have the same unique ability in growing their capability in school. Thus, comes the more personal assessment focused on growth and development.    

The School Tailor A More Fun And Attractive Learning 

The curriculum used in the preschool Jakarta Timur shapes education and learning. Global Sevilla eventually tailors more attractive and fun learning activities befitting the children’s capability or interest. It is seen from the varying focus on every age group, which starts from fundamental education, sensory fun, games,  motoric, and social learning activities.  

Six Areas Of Learning And Development as its focus 

The learning activities given by global Sevilla also include the heavy influence of six areas of learning and development. The school teaches social, motoric, literacy, creative, cognitive, and knowledge about the world with proper yet fun activities. It can include games or singing, which come with a great challenge as students get older. 

Has Various Approach To Improve Learning 

Some implementation and extra consideration come from the school’s approach. Global Sevilla also focuses on character development, which appears through value education and a mindfulness approach. The preschool Jakarta Timur later can continue this aspect on the higher education level to provide the much needed personal development in later stages.   As mentioned in the article, Global Sevilla set the bar high with international education standards. IEYC is a flexible curriculum meant for children. It is a unique curriculum that focuses on personal and children’s growth, which explains the focus on six areas of learning and development. The school also provides various approaches, which you can learn further on the Global Sevilla site.

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